Hello I’m Gili Niv, owner and founder of Well To-Do. As a Personal Wardrobe Stylist for over a decade, I've become an expert in knowing what pieces work for real, everyday life no matter what your career or day-to-day schedule. Wanting to feel and look your best is universal and my job is to guide my clients in finding their personal style and how to let it flourish. 

Not only to I LOVE fashion, in 2014 I decided to become certified as a Nutritional Health Coach out of a passion for taking care of my insides just as much as how to dress on the outside. So Well To-Do is a mix of a lot of fashion and a sprinkling of food and fitness.

I live in Los Angeles with my husband, our two incredibly cute daughters that I'm more obsessed with than anything, and our little dog. Life can certainly become hectic every. single. day. and it's easy to allow our careers, our kids, our everything come first. But I'm a big believer that "you can't pour from an empty cup" so just make sure to put yourself on your Well To-Do List.